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How God has Played a Role in Thea’s Speech Therapy

When I first realized that Thea needed speech therapy, I had no idea what that really meant.  I never had to experience the world of disabilities before.  This world is far different from anything I have ever been in.  It is a world in which you continually have to take your child to appointments, exams, and extra classes in order to hopefully get them caught up to the level that the other kids her age are at.  This world breaks my heart as I see many kids, including my own, struggling to catch up, to be heard, and to be understood.

Living in this world has tested my faith because I think, how is this fair that these kids have to go through such an incredibly hard and challenging time at such a young age.  Why is it that God allowed my child to be born with a disability?  Don’t get me wrong, things could have been a lot worse.  Other children have far more hardships than Thea does, but even still, I think why me? why Thea?

In order for  you to understand how I found answers to these questions, I need to give you a bit of background about me.  I grew up going to church, but never really read the bible.  It was just so boring to me and every time I did try to read it, I gave up pretty quickly because I just couldn’t connect with it.  I heard people say, you should read the bible, it’s important to read God’s word, but I never really thought I was missing anything from not reading it.  To be honest, I didn’t really care about it.

But, as God began to test my faith during my pregnancy with Thea, I started to search for answers in the bible.  Around that time, I got the idea to go to the Christian book store to see if there was a different type of bible that would be easier and more interesting for me to read.  That’s when I found the Chronological Life Application Study Bible.  This bible has changed my life.  It goes through the story of God and Jesus in chronological order.  The difference for me, from the traditional bible, is that it reads like a novel depicting the story of God and Jesus from beginning to end.  I have not finished it yet, but I have managed to read through 300 plus pages which is more than I have ever read.  And the funny thing is, the more I read, the more I want to keep going.  I want to find out what the heck happened.

Anyways, I tell you all this because reading the bible has started to help me understand some of the answers to my questions about Thea.  After reading through the story about Job, I have come to realize that sometimes God allows you to go through hardships to shape us and prepare us for a special purpose; to learn how to be compassionate to others who suffer in the same way you do.  This is the main reason for me doing my blog.  It takes a lot of courage for me to talk about Thea because it is very personal to me and I am very protective of her.  But, at the same time, I want to share what we are going through in the hopes that it helps others going through the same thing.

Although I have questioned God on why this happened, and have been angry at him for letting it happen, I have also experienced the love, and hope of Jesus walking with me every step of the way as our family experiences this new world of Mosaic Down Syndrome.

One of the most recent blessings that God has given us, is the ability for Thea to have private speech therapy for one year.  As I talked about in my previous post on how to get funding for therapies, I explained how I applied for a few charities in hopes that they would provide a bit of funding for Thea.  I had been really upset because I wanted the best for Thea, and I knew she needed regular speech therapy.  Unfortunately, the free government program, (The child development centre), was only going to give Thea speech therapy for 8 weeks.  So, I had to find other ways to get her the help she needed.

I began praying that God would help us afford therapy for Thea.  And this is how amazing God is.  Since I have realized that Thea needed therapy, she has not gone one week without getting it.  God and his miraculous timing, made the following happen:

As I was submitting a receipt for my husbands eye exam online under my extended medical benefits, I saw that my medical covered a bit of speech therapy, which I had no idea it did.  This allowed me to then hire a private speech therapist for 8 sessions.  During those sessions, the speech therapist encouraged me to apply to a few charities in order to get more funding.  Right away I said no.  My husband and I both had decent jobs, and I thought there was no way a charity would give us money.  Normally, they only help those who are practically on welfare.  Well, she kept encouraging me until one day I thought, well what is it going to hurt.  The worst they can say is no, so I did.

It took a lot of filling out paper work and getting doctors to sign off on them.  It wasn’t easy and by the time I finished applying for these grants I was exhausted.  But, I followed through and submitted them and for that I was proud of myself.  Now, I thought,  it was in God’s hands.  So whatever happens, happens, but at least I knew I tried everything I could.

After about a month, I got an e-mail stating that we made too much money and so the charity would not be able to help us out.  I thought well, go figure.  Once again, I had no idea how I was going to help Thea and I felt quite defeated.  But, then I saw a glimmer of hope, another charity called and told me that they would be able to give us some funds, enough to give Thea another 4 sessions of speech therapy.  I knew that was God, allowing us to have this opportunity.  So, between the free government program, the sessions I was able to get through my extended medical and the charity, Thea had not gone one week without getting some form of therapy.  What an amazing blessing, considering not even two months ago, when my extended medical benefits were running out, I was in tears about what I was going to do.

Finally, just last week, I was looking through my e-mails, when one came up about another charity I had applied to.  I opened it up and just started to cry.  This charity is giving Thea funding that will cover one year of speech therapy.  I was so overwhelmed by happiness and joy knowing that God had provided this blessing to us.

There is no doubt in my mind that even though we have to face hardships, God will be with us every step of the way.  Although it has not been easy to be patient and have faith during the hard moments, I try my very best to remember that he does have a plan for us and to keep trusting in him.

Jesus is the light…he is my light.

Last thought, I encourage you to apply to charities even if you think you may not get them.  Although we make decent money, we have bills to pay, childcare etc that eat up all of our money, leaving nothing left for therapy.  You never know, unless you try 🙂

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