How can Kids be soooooo Persistent and What Can We Learn From it?

Lying down on my carpet, I stared blankly at a picture of a bike on my wall, willing my kids to go to bed. I had resorted to guarding my kid’s bedroom doors to ensure they didn’t come out.


All the help that was doing though because I could still hear them fooling around. And that’s when I started to think, if I was as persistent as my kids have been in NOT going to bed, I would have accomplished a heck of a lot by now.

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6 Reasons why you shouldn’t give up on what God’s called you to do

I watched my daughter Thea, who has Mosaic Down Syndrome, work hard to learn how to read. Everyday she picked up a book and practiced. I would always find her off in a corner reading by herself or to her younger siblings. And everyday I saw an improvement.

Over less than a year, Thea went from not being able to read at all to reading at the end of a grade 1 level (she just graduated kindergarten). Seeing her determination and drive reminded me of how important it is to not give up.

But we all have moments where we feel like giving up, Thea was no exception. It’s hard to keep going when everything you try doesn’t seem to work and rejection feels constant.

But don’t do it! Don’t give up! And here’s why…

  1. There’s a reason why you started it: Think back to when you made that decision to start. What happened? What made you think you were meant to do it? Did an opportunity open up? Did you pray about it and felt God calling you to do it? Did you read the bible and a verse stuck out at you? Something was there and that’s why you started. That reason was a good one, don’t loose sight of it.
  1. The reward is on the other side of your hardship: Hardship, trials and rejection are going to happen. And if that’s where you are today, know that every successful person has gone through it. And if you can get past the hardship, you will reap the most satisfying reward. Keep at it; plant the idea in your head that there is no other option. Take a breath and pray about it. Then only focus on your next best move. What action can you take today that will move you towards your end goal. Don’t look at the whole picture and get swallowed up by anxiety. You don’t have to figure it all out. God’s got that already done for you. Focus on your next best move and do it.
  1. You may not get another chance: Timing is everything and if God is calling you to do it now, you may not get another chance. So take it. God’s the most powerful ally you could ever have. So don’t doubt him or question the goal. Just do it.
  1. You will always wonder what if: Ask yourself this, if I give-up and stop today, will I wonder in a few years or ten years from now, what if? If so, then it’s not time to give-up. Keep going. You can do this!
  1. Discipline is the key to change: Change is never easy, so without discipline it will never happen. You may think I suck at disciplining myself. I tried once before and failed. Well, think of it this way. Everyday you have a routine, you get-up, get dressed, get the kids ready, go to work etc. You discipline yourself to do those things because they are important and necessary. So you CAN do discipline, you just need to change your perspective. Decide today that the goal you are trying to achieve is necessary and important. Add it to part of your daily routine. Half the battle is believing you can do it, the other half is taking action.
  1. It’s worth it: Visualize your end goal. Why are you doing this? What is it that you are trying to achieve? Is it starting your own company? Then picture yourself owning and running that company. Is it loosing weight? Then visualize yourself in the body that you want (but make it a healthy one). Solidify in your mind your “Why”. Then think about that every time you want to give up. If you have a clear picture of why you are doing it, then you will find the drive and determination to keep going. Knowing your “why” will help you to work through any barriers that come your way.


The Church Failed You, But That’s Not The End Of Your Story

You grew-up going to church. You learned bible stories like Noah’s Ark and Daniel and the Lions Den. You sang in Christmas concerts and went to youth group.

You lived in this bubble, nicely protected by Christian parents, Christian friends.

Then you hit high school and it was like your life split into two, the high school life and the church life. You had to figure out how to live in both.

But no one ever prepared you for what life outside the church bubble was going to be like.

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Comparison is the Devil

Comparison is the devil masking your real purpose with goals, achievements, and ambition that were never meant for you.  Comparison says, you’re not good enough, you need to work harder, max out your credit to buy a new car or go on a vacation because you deserve it, you need to exercise more to fit into those skinny jeans, you need to stretch your budget to afford a house with all the latest furnishings and design pieces.

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